Aerobic Exercise makes the Brain Sensitive to Insulin Again

Obese people usually also suffer from insulin resistance in the brain. This has a negative effect on eating behavior and metabolism in the body, among other things. Researchers at the DZD have now been able to show in a study that just eight weeks of exercise can help restore the brain's insulin sensitivity in severely overweight adults.



The exercise program improved the effect of insulin in the brain to the level of a person with a healthy weight. The improved insulin sensitivity in the brain had positive effects on metabolism, the feeling of hunger decreased and unhealthy abdominal fat was reduced.

This opens up new therapeutic possibilities for reducing obesity and diabetes risk factors in the future.


Original publication:
Stephanie Kullmann, … , Cora Weigert, Martin Heni et al.: Exercise restores brain insulin sensitivity in sedentary adults who are overweight and obese. JCI Insight. 2022;7(18):e161498.