Anne Grapin-Botton affiliated to the Dresden Diabetes Program

With her appointment as new MPI-CBG director in September 2018, Prof. Anne Grapin-Botton is also joining the DZD partner Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden faculty.

Prof. Anne Grapin-Botton. Source: MPI-CBG

Born in France, Prof. Anne Grapin-Botton, did her postdoc studies at Harvard in Boston, became a group leader at the Swiss Institute for Cancer Research-École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (ISREC-EPFL), and then moved to the Danish Stem Cell Center of the University of Copenhagen as Professor of Developmental Biology. In Dresden she will continue her work on an innovative 3D method to grow miniature pancreas organs from progenitor cells, so-called organoids, to investigate how single cells act together to generate an organ.

“With her outstanding expertise in pancreas development and the generation of 3D pancreas organoids, Anne will enormously strengthen our Diabetes Research program in Dresden, which is mainly focused on the protection and production of pancreatic islet cells for prevention and therapy of type-1 and type-2 diabetes” says Prof. Michele Solimena, Speaker of the PLID. "Her knowledge will be especially valuable to devise novel strategies for replacement of insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreatic islets."
“Dresden is a great city, where I will be able to combine my activities in fundamental research at the MPI-CBG and my interest in contributing to better Diabetes treatments. The Diabetes research community in Dresden is one of the strongest in Germany and I am looking forward to what we can achieve together" says Anne Grapin-Botton.

More information on her work and her group can be found here.