DDG Congress President and DZD Speaker on Deutschlandfunk

Under the title “500,000 New Diagnoses - The Diabetes Epidemic”, the German public radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk reported in its medical program “Sprechstunde” on May 23, 2017 about the Diabetes Congress of the German Diabetes Association. The interview partner was Congress President and DZD speaker Professor Annette Schürmann.

Deutschlandfunk announced its program with the lead text: "Too much sugar, salt and calories; too little exercise. Around 6.7 million people with diabetes are currently living in Germany, with 500,000 new cases each year. This week the Annual Meeting of the German Diabetes Association will take place with reports on the latest research on the causes and treatment of diabetes, which, as scientists indicate, has become an epidemic”.

This broadcast (in German) of the medical program “Sprechstunde”,  authored by Isabel Fannrich-Lautenschläger, is available in the mediathek of German public radio at,  Sprechstunde and can be listened to until November 29, 2017.