DZD in Cause study diabetes

In its current focus, the science channel sheds light on the topic of diabetes. How does diabetes develop? What types of metabolic disease are there? What new prevention and therapy approaches is diabetes research working on? Are there any research approaches to prevent type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease? What role does the brain play in type 2 diabetes? DZD experts Prof. Dr. Gabriele-Anette Ziegler, Dr. Cristina García Cáceres and Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Häring provide initial answers to these questions and an overview of current results from diabetes research.

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An overview of the four contributions and a first introduction to the topic is provided by the video Diabetes Cause Study.
All videos are in German language only.

Type 1 Diabetes
In the Science Talk with science editor Susanne Päch, Gabriele-Anette Ziegler presents current findings on the development of the autoimmune disease type 1 diabetes and new approaches to prevention.

Diabetes and Brain
As the control centre for hunger and appetite, the brain plays a key role in the development of Ty-2 diabetes. In the Science Talk, DZD board member Hans-Ulrich Häring reports on his interdisciplinary research in the search for predispositions of the disease in the human brain.


Neurobiologists are investigating the insulin receptor in the brain
Recent research suggests that obesity begins in the head and can be detected even before the onset of the disease. Cristina García Cáceres explains the role of Neuro-Glia in this process.


Diabetes and Pregnancy
Recent findings by endocrinologists and neurologists suggest that in mothers with diabetes predisposition, the fetus in the womb may already be affected by the disease. In the Science-Talk Hans-Ulrich Häring presents current research results.