DZD Scientists on the Radio

On September 19th  Professor Heiko Lickert, director of the Institute for Diabetes and Regeneration Research at Helmholtz Zentrum München, was on air in the radio program "IQ Science and Research" on Bavaria 2. The topic of the broadcast was "Diabetes – A Widespread Disease. The Role of Beta Cells".
Link to the broadcast (segment: min 11:15 - 15:50)
On September 23rd Professor Annette Peters, director of the Institute of Epidemiology II, and Dr. Kathrin Wolf, member of the research group Environmental Risks, both of Helmholtz Zentrum München, were on air in the NDR information program Logo. The topic of the broadcast was "Diabetes due to Air Pollution". The two scientists discussed new findings from the KORA study.
Link to segment in NDR Info