DZD Training & Education Program 2013

The German Center for Diabetes Research contributes to the advancement of young researchers with its own training and education program for young, internationally competitive scientists. This year’s highlight will be the DZD Diabetes Research School, which will take place for the first time. The course offering will include technical training courses as well as satellite workshops. A call for proposals has been issued for the DZD award competition, which will be held again in 2013 for ambitious young scientists.


DZD Diabetes Research School
The DZD Diabetes Research School is open to doctoral students and postdocs from around the world. Here highly topical issues of diabetes research are discussed in a small circle of scientists. The research school will take place for the first time in Barcelona on November 6, 2013. The list of speakers is comprised of leading experts in the international diabetes research field: Domenico Accili (Columbia University), C. Ronald Kahn (Harvard Medical School), Masato Kasuga (Diabetes Research Center, Tokyo), Emmanuel Van Obberghen (Université de Nice) and Morris White (Boston Children's Hospital).
Furthermore, directly following the research school, the 12th International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action will take place from November 7 – 9, 2013. The participants of the DZD Diabetes Research School are also invited to take part in this symposium. There they will have the opportunity to present their own research.

Satellite Workshops
In own workshops, students and young researchers from all partner sites will have the opportunity to discuss their research results. The satellite workshops will take place at the different partner institutes on the day before the DZD workshop. Their aim is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and support personal networking.
Last year there were three satellite workshops with more than 120 participants and over 70 talks and posters.   

Technical Training Courses
In multi-day technical training courses, renowned scientists of the partner institutes give young DZD scientists insights into the latest methods and techniques of basic and clinical research.
Mika Scheler, a graduate student of Helmholtz Zentrum München, gave enthusiastic feedback about the Rainbow Course in Düsseldorf in 2012: “In their talks, four experts offered an overview of the latest methods in protein analysis. Then we were allowed to analyze our own samples und learn how to apply the new techniques under professional supervision.” These courses are also useful for building your own network and for collaborative project development. For Scheler, this resulted in a collaboration with a research group in Düsseldorf.

DZD Award
The DZD will confer DZD awards to young DZD researchers for their presentation of outstanding research results at diabetes conferences. The awards are granted to projects related to basic research as well as clinical work. Last year eleven awards were granted.

Scientific Chair
“Our DZD Training and Education Program is geared toward young colleagues who are just beginning their careers. Our aim is to further their development and help them become innovative diabetes researchers who are open to new – and perhaps unconventional – ideas,” said Professor Martin Hrabě de Angelis, member of the board of the DZD and director of the Institute of Experimental Genetics at Helmholtz Zentrum München. The young scientists’ training and education program is supervised by a scientific chair consisting of one group leader from each of the partner institutes as well as from the DZD head office. More.

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