First DZD Satellite Workshop for young researchers


With its unique focus on all aspects of translational research the German Center for Diabetes Research is dedicated to educate a new generation of internationally competitive researchers and clinicians in the diabetes field.

In this context the first DZD Satellite Workshop for PhD Students and Postdocs took place in Tübingen on March 25 and 26, 2012. Alltogether forty PhD students, postdocs, and five group leaders attended the event called "Translational Diabetology: Molecular Mechanisms of pre-Diabetes and its Prevention“.
Eleven talks and nine poster presentations by DZD PhD students or postdocs constituted the scientific basis for exiting and fruitful discussions in a relaxed atmosphere as it was confirmed by Mika Scheler, PhD student in the collaborative group from Munich and Tübingen: “The satellite workshop provided a good opportunity to get in touch with other PhD students and postdocs of the other DZD locations. Within this small group good discussions came up, new ideas arose and an uncomplicated and pleasant atmosphere developed between the participants.”
The next DZD Satellite Workshop will take place in Dresden on June 25 and 26, 2012.

Further information about the DZD Training and Education program can be found here: