Fresh Off the Press: DIfE Biennial Report in Magazine Look

With new sections, bright colors and a lively layout, the just published Biennial Report 2017/2018 of the DZD partner German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke (DIfE) features a modern magazine look. "The mix of complex scientific content, soft facts and attractive design aims to appeal to both experts and non-specialists and thus make the multifaceted work of the Institute accessible to as broad a public as possible," said Professor Tilman Grune, scientific director of DIfE.

Cover of the DIfE Biennial Report 2017/2018. Source: David Ausserhofer/DIfE; Design: Kaiserwetter

The new report features selected highlights, focus areas of research and the promotion of young scientists. Interviews present personal insights of up-and-coming young researchers. As an introduction, staff members are presented with portraits, quotes and information texts. A timeline provides an overview of projects, cooperations, and the most important events of 2017 and 2018 in retrospect. On pages 64 to 69, key facts and figures are presented visually.

Special visual language 
In order to visually highlight the uniqueness of DIfE, no stock images were used. The photos were mainly taken by the photographer David Ausserhofer. Used extensively throughout the report, they direct the reader's gaze with unusual perspectives on individual aspects of the research work and on the faces of the scientists. The design of the 80-page publication was created by the Berlin agency Kaiserwetter. 

For digital natives and nostalgia fans
The report accommodates the needs of users, which means the content can also be read as a web version with cross-references and hyperlinks on a smartphone or tablet. From the linked table of contents, readers can quickly jump to the desired page. For nostalgia fans there is a high-quality, climate-neutral print edition for the reader to browse through and enjoy. For the first time, the biennial report is available in separate German and English versions. The English version will soon be available as a pdf file on the DIfE website.

Note: The biennial report is available for download at The print version can be ordered from DIfE at presse(at) or +49 (0)33200 88-2335.

Link to the partner website of DIfE and to the Biennial Report