Graphie Award 2021 for HealthECCO: Graphs4Good

Neo4j, the world's leading graph platform, presented a Graphie Award in the Innovation category to the HealthECCO project. Under the umbrella of HealthECCO is the Covid-19 Knowledge Graph, in which the data and knowledge management team of the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) is involved.

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In the COVID Graph, publicly available literature sources, patent specifications for COVID-19 and data sets from genome and molecular biology databases are linked and graphically presented in a knowledge graph. The aim is to help researchers find their way quickly and efficiently through the diverse data on COVID-19. Since people with diabetes have a higher incidence of severe complications in the case of a SARS-CoV-2 infection, DZD researchers are extending data integration technology to include diabetes-related data.

HealthECCO is a non-profit organization supporting science and research in medicine and biology in the search for cures for diseases such as Covid-19, diabetes and more. To the advancement of global health their projects are open source and freely accessible.

With the Graphie Awards, Neo4j recognizes each year individuals, companies and projects that demonstrate outstanding success in innovation and implementation of the Neo4j graph database.

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