Podcasts on “Prevent Diabetes” Series Starts with an Episode about Healthy Eating

This week the diabetes information portal has launched a series of podcasts under the sub-portal “Prevent Diabetes” on popular podcast channels. Each of the audio episodes featuring experts from the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) lasts around ten minutes. The first of these was the episode entitled "How to get started on a healthier diet" with Professor Andreas Fritsche, diabetologist at Tübingen University Hospital.


In order to maintain a diet in the long run, it has to be fun, taste good and fit into your lifestyle! In the podcast, Professor Fritsche gives advice about how to start following a healthier diet and which factors influence the taste.

Strict, prescribed diet types result in a yo-yo effect and are more likely to endanger health. Instead, he recommends gradually reducing unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives.

The first podcast series on the sub-portal “Prevent Diabetes” starts with this episode along with another episode on “Reduce Diabetes Risk”. A new podcast episode is released twice each month on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts and other popular streaming services. (All of the podcasts are in German).

In addition, you will find all podcasts and also videos in the media libraries of in the sub-portals of Diabetes Prevention and Living with Diabetes.