SMS Primary School Children Prepare Turkish Food with “KochDichTürkisch”

KochDichTürkisch invited children participating in the initiative “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit." of the DZD partner German Diabetes Center to take part in a cooking class.

Lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet are the main reasons for overweight in school-age children. Studies conducted throughout Germany show that children with an immigrant background are at particularly high risk. For this reason, the initiative “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit." joined together with KochDichTürkisch to invite the SMS kids to a children’s cooking class. The cookbook authors Orkide and Orhan Tançgil, who are well known from the cooking program on WDR TV, attach great importance to authentic cuisine. The children became acquainted with the variety of Turkish cuisine and had the opportunity to prepare small meals themselves. The children ate the different foods they prepared in a common meal, and so they were able to taste food they had never eaten before. At the end, the children were allowed to take home samples of the food they had cooked.
“Cooking with children is a particularly good opportunity to spend time with them and to arouse their curiosity. From a long-term perspective, involving children in cooking activities is an important way to encourage healthy eating habits," said Orkide and Orhan Tançgil. “With this offer, we want to take into account the majority of children participating in the SMS initiative who have an immigrant background,” said project leader Prof. Dr. Karsten Müssig.

Class teacher and primary school children of the St. Rochus’ School with the two cookbook authors Orkide and Orhan Tançgil and project leader Prof. Dr. Karsten Müssig. Source: SMS
The initiative “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit." led by Prof. Dr. Karsten Müssig shall make children in Düsseldorf primary schools more aware of the benefits of healthy nutrition and more exercise. In the “aid” nutrition pilot license program, the children learn how to handle food and kitchen equipment in cooperation with the Educational Center for Dietary Assistants of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie and take part in the exercise program for primary schools “Fitness for Kids” developed by sports scientist Prof. Dr. Kerstin Ketelhut. The two health insurance companies IKK classic and KKH, the organization diabetesDE - German Diabetes Aid, the Sports Department of Düsseldorf and other renowned partners and prominent people support the project and provide the participating school children with additional attractive venues for learning outside of school. The patron of the initiative is Thomas Geisel, mayor of the state capital Düsseldorf.

More information about the initiative can be found at (German only)