The DZD Wins Graphie Award

The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) has been awarded the 2018 Neo4j Graphie Award for its work using graph technology in the field of medical research.
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Neo4j's Graphie Award. Source: A. Jarasch

The prize was awarded to Dr. Alexander Jarasch, head of Data and Knowledge Management at the DZD, at the end of September at the GraphConnect 2018 conference in New York. In total, there were eleven award winners.

The Graphie Awards celebrate the world's most innovative graph applications.

The DZD uses Neo4j to combine heterogeneous research data sources and connect data across disciplines and locations. The aim of the DZD is to identify subtypes of diabetes and to develop targeted prevention and therapy approaches for these subtypes.

Emil Eifrem (left), CEO of Neo4j, presents the Graphie Award to Alexander Jarasch. Source: Neo4j