Two Honors for DZD Scientist Professor Tschöp

With more than 400 million people affected, diabetes represents a steadily increasing challenge to world health. Through his outstanding work in the field of metabolic research Matthias Tschöp of the DZD partner Helmholtz Zentrum München is contributing to countering this development with new therapies. For this reason, he has been accepted as member in the Academia Europaea and honored with the Victor Mutt Award 2016.

The Academia Europaea, founded in 1988, is a non-governmental scientific association which aims to promote dialogue and networking between outstanding European researchers from various disciplines. Professor Matthias Tschöp of Helmholtz Zentrum München has now been accepted into the Academia. The exclusive membership is acquired by invitation following a proposal by the Council of the Academia and the election by the Board of Trustees. Currently, the Academia has approximately 3500 members, including 54 Nobel laureates.

In addition to this distinction, Tschöp was honored by the Regulatory Peptide Society on July 14th in Rouen, France with the Viktor Mutt Award 2016 in recognition of his research. The jury specifically lauded the originality of his research and the strong translational orientation in the development of active substances, for example the development of a triple hormone against obesity and diabetes.

Matthias Tschöp is director of the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity at Helmholtz Zentrum München and holds the chair of the Department of Metabolic Diseases at Technische Universität München. As a physician, his motivation is to translate the findings from research to benefit patients. “Diabetes is one of the most common diseases and is a major challenge for our society,” he said. “We may not lose any time in developing more effective and safer treatments and novel drugs which are personalized to the individual patient.”