With a Balanced Breakfast Fit for the School Day

As part of the initiative “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit.”, the German Diabetes Center in (DDZ) Düsseldorf, a partner in the DZD, organized a fitness breakfast on May 5th for primary school children. This event with the theme of health and exercise also raised awareness for diabetes prevention.

On the occasion of the “Day of German Bread”, children participating in the SMS initiative from the St. Rochus School, the Matthias Claudius School and the comprehensive school GGS Flurstrasse met for a fitness breakfast. In the presence of Tanja Gröpper, Paralympics bronze medalist in swimming, and Düsseldorf artisan bakers, the children practiced what they had learned in the past school year about nutrition and exercise. Since in addition to whole grain bread and rolls, a balanced breakfast also includes fruit and vegetables, the primary school students prepared raw vegetables as well as various dips and herbal fresh cheese spread under the guidance of the event organizers. The program also included sufficient physical exercise. In the “senses classroom” the children learned to perceive themselves and their surroundings through their senses.

“Every fifth child comes to school without having had breakfast,” said the DZD scientist Professor Karsten Müssig, explaining the motive behind the initiative. He went on to say, “Moreover, only every sixth child exercises to the extent recommended by the World Health Organization.”
With the initiative led by Professor Müssig “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit.", children in Düsseldorf primary schools shall be made aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and more exercise. The participating children receive extra lessons on nutrition in cooperation with the Educational Center for Dietary Assistants of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie and take part in the exercise program for primary schools “Fitness for Kids” developed by sports scientist Dr. Kerstin Ketelhut.
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