Research for a Future
without Diabetes

„Research for a future without diabetes – this is the mission of the DZD that inspires and unites us.“

Prof. Martin Hrabě de Angelis, DZD board member

Research for a Future
without Diabetes

"The DZD stands for research to benefit people with diabetes."

Prof. Andreas Birkenfeld, DZD-Sprecher

„The Germany-wide cooperation in the DZD ensures that multicenter studies can be carried out with the required number of participants.“

Prof. Michael Roden, DZD board member


Research for a Future
without Diabetes

„The DZD places particular importance on the fast transfer of lab results to patient care.“

Prof. Michele Solimena, DZD speaker



Research for a Future
without Diabetes

„The special feature of research at the DZD is the close interdisciplinary cooperation between different disciplines.“

Prof. Annette Schuermann, DZD Speaker

DZD - German Center
for Diabetes Research

Expert service

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Are you working on an article about the German Center for Diabetes Research, about diabetes mellitus as one of the most prevalent diseases in Germany, or would you like to conduct an interview on a specific/current research project of the DZD? The scientists of our partner institutions as well as the members of the DZD board of directors and the managing director of the DZD are available to you for interviews.

It is important to us to prepare the interview as you wish to have it.

We therefore ask you to fill out the request form and send it by e-mail or fax to the specified address.

To inquire about an interview on short notice, please contact Birgit Niesing by phone +49 (0)89-3187-3971,) or by email (niesing(at)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Press contact

Birgit Niesing

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