Düsseldorf Active in World Diabetes Day on November 14th

Early detection of diabetes: Get involved in Düsseldorf Diabetes Week 2018! The aim of Düsseldorf Diabetes Week 2018 from November 12-18 is to raise awareness in the Düsseldorf population about diabetes mellitus and diabetes care and prevention. The City of Düsseldorf, the German Diabetes Center (DDZ) and the Regional Innovation Network (RIN) Diabetes call on Düsseldorf institutions and citizens to actively participate in Diabetes Week with campaigns and events. In connection with the campaign week, RIN Diabetes has published the "Wegweiser Diabetes", an information brochure on local prevention, counseling and care services in the Düsseldorf metropolitan area.

Banner for Diabetes week. Source: DDZ

Every year about 600,000 people are newly diagnosed with diabetes, which roughly corresponds to the population of the city of Dusseldorf,“ said Professor Michael Roden, director of the German Diabetes Center (DDZ). The disease can have a significant impact on the lives of those affected and their quality of life. It is therefore "very important to diagnose diabetes in good time and to treat it optimally in order to minimize the risk of secondary diseases," said Roden, who is also director of the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology at Düsseldorf University Hospital.

Information evening at the DDZ
As part of Düsseldorf Diabetes Week, the DDZ is holding an information evening on November 13, 2018, starting at 5 pm under the motto "Diabetes: Family Makes You Strong". Visitors can look forward to a varied program of lectures, reports of people affected by diabetes and tips from experts. For those who are interested, it is also possible to have a brief diabetes check-up starting at 2 pm in the study center. The City of Düsseldorf is initiating Düsseldorf Diabetes Week together with RIN Diabetes at the DDZ in connection with World Diabetes Day on November 14th. All players in the field of diabetes care and prevention are called upon to actively participate in  Düsseldorf Diabetes Week and to organize activities and events for the citizens.

"A free blood glucose test in the pharmacy, an information evening in the doctor's practice on one of the many secondary illnesses, an exercise break at work – with these or other offers you can take part in the Diabetes Week and draw attention to the growing importance of the complex metabolic disease," said Professor Andreas Meyer-Falcke, Health Councillor in the state capital Düsseldorf, describing the range of possible activities. Further information on Düsseldorf Diabetes Week, including materials for printing or ordering, is available at .

Diabetes Guide: Find local help quickly and easily
In connection with Diabetes Week Düsseldorf, RIN Diabetes and its more than 60 partners have published the information brochure "Wegweiser Diabetes" (Diabetes Guide, in German only). In this practical orientation guide, people with diabetes and other interested individuals can find more than 200 prevention, counseling and care offers from diabetologists, exercise and nutrition providers, self-help groups and other players in the Dusseldorf metropolitan area. In addition, the brochure contains concise information on the topics of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes as well as a brief overview of diabetes complications and secondary diseases. The guide is already available in an online version free of charge and without registering at

Art competition for schools and facilities for children and youth
In keeping with the theme week, an art competition will take place in the schools and children's and youth facilities in Düsseldorf that are involved in the work of RIN Diabetes and the SMS Initiative at the DDZ. "With the competition we want to raise awareness in children and young people about exercise, nutrition and stress reduction and make a sustainable contribution to the development of a healthy lifestyle and thus to diabetes prevention," said Johannes Horn, head of the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Düsseldorf. The winners will be drawn by lot among all participants and honored at the information evening on November 13th.