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With its unique focus on all aspects of translational research, the German Center for Diabetes Research is dedicated to educating a new generation of internationally competitive researchers and clinicians in the diabetes field. The DZD Training & Education Program for young scientists includes courses on important aspects of translational research.

Courses in management, leadership and communicationoffered by the graduate schools of the DZD partners round off the program.

The DZD Training & Education Program is supervised by a scientific chair consisting of a representative of each partner institute and an associated partner as well as of the DZD head office: Prof. Dr. Christian Herder (Düsseldorf), Dr. Anja Zeigerer (Munich), Dr. Wenke Jonas (Potsdam), Dr. Uenal Coskun (Dresden), Prof. Dr. Cora Weigert (Tübingen), Dr. Henriette Kirchner (Lübeck) and Dr. Astrid Glaser, Dr. Brigitte Fröhlich and Dr. Nadja Brehme (all head office).

DZD NEXT Young Talent Program

The DZD NEXT Young Talent Program supports our young scientists within the DZD on their way to scientific independence. Young group leaders can apply with a scientific project every two years. The grants are used to finance a postdoc for two years who will work on the project. 

DZD Award

Laureates and Scientific Chair. ©DZD/Roeder

Young scientists presenting their projects related to basic research as well as to clinical work are eligible to apply for the yearly DZD Awards. Their posters or talks will be evaluated by the DZD NEXT Board.

DZD Awards 2019 were presented in April 2020.

DZD Award 2019

Christine Henke (PLID, Dresden)

Sarah Homberg (HMGU, Munich)

Yanislava Karusheva (DDZ, Düsseldorf)

Maximilian Lassi (HMGU, Munich)

Estela Lorza Gil (IDM, Tübingen)

Andreas Müller (PLID, Dresden)

Fabiana Quagliarini (HMGU, Munich)

Jovana Vasiljevic (PLID, Dresden)

Xianming Wang (HMGU, Munich)

Oana Patricia Zaharia (DDZ, Düsseldorf)

DZD Award 2018

Raffaele Gerlini, HMGU

Theresia Gutmann, PLID

Luke Harrison, HMGU

Marie Charlotte Hemmer, HMGU

Anica Kurzbach, PLID

Michael Laxy, HMGU

Lena Oppenländer, HMGU

Meriem Ouni, DIfE

Katharina Scheibner, HMGU

Kristina Wardelmann, DIfE

DZD Award 2017

Maria Apostolopoulou (DDZ, Düsseldorf)

Kálmán Bodis (DDZ, Düsseldorf)

Katrin Fischer (Helmholtz Zentrum München)

Sigrid Jall (Helmholtz Zentrum München)

Sharan Janjuha (PLID, Dresden)

Thomas Laeger (DIfE, Potsdam)

Dominik Pesta (DDZ, Düsseldorf)

Charline Quiclet (DIfE, Potsdam)

Mandy Stadion (DIfE, Potsdam)

Francesco Volta (Helmholtz Zentrum München)

DZD Award 2016

Elisa Alvarez-Hernandez (DDZ, Düsseldorf)
Erik Bader (HMGU, München)
Andras Franko (IDM, Tübingen)
Sofiya Gancheva (DDZ, Düsseldorf)
Susanne Keipert (HMGU, München)
Martin Neukam (PLID, Dresden)
Sumeet Pal Singh (PLID, Dresden)
Aimée Bastidas Ponce (HMGU, München)
Carmelo Quarta (HMGU, München)
Andreas Schmitt (FIDAM, Bad Mergentheim)
Heike Vogel (DIfE, Potsdam)

DZD PhD Satellite Workshops

DZD Satellite Workshop in Tübingen. ©DZD
[Translate to Englisch:] Junge Wissenschaftlerinnen betrachten interessiert ein Poster einer Kollegin.

PhD students have the opportunity to present and discuss their work in progress at own satellite workshops. These events promoting the exchange of results and ideas take place on a rotational basis at the different partner institutes. Here the young colleagues meet well-known scientists and learn about departments and infrastructure of all DZD institutes.

DZD Technical Training Courses

Rainbow-Workshop at German Diabetes-Center in Düsseldorf. ©S.Lehr

Translational diabetes research requires scientists with a solid background in theory and methods. The DZD encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge in different aspects of diabetes research and adjacent fields, and DZD scientists share their specific expertise with the students. They offer three to five-day training courses covering the theoretical and practical aspects of various special techniques.

DZD Fellowship

The DZD sponsors conference attendance as well as short-term visits at collaborating DZD laboratories to enable young researchers to learn special techniques and methods required to realize new network-projects.

DZD Short Term International Research Stay

Tight international collaborations are mandatory to successful research. The DZD wants to establish new and tighten existing research collaborations with key players in diabetes research. Technology transfer and sharing established methods is very important in this regard. Therefore, the DZD will partly fund short term research stays of young DZD scientists in laboratories abroad.

Graduate Schools of the DZD Partners

Close cooperation with the graduate school programs of the DZD partners ensures that the young scientists receive a wide spectrum of professional training in management, leadership and communication.

Helmholtz Zentrum München
Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health
Website: HELENA

Technical University Dresden
Biotechnology Center and Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden
International Master's Program in Regenerative Biology and Medicine
Website: RegBioMed

German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke
Potsdam Graduate School
Website: PoGS

German Diabetes Center Düsseldorf
Medical Research School
Website: MedRSD

DFG Research Training Group GRK2576: “vivid - in vivo investigations towards
the early development of type 2 diabetes”
Website: VIVID

University of Tübingen
Graduate Academy
Website: Graduate Academy


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