DZD Researchers on the Move

Huge, loud, highly emotional. The 14th edition of the Dresden REWE Team Challenge has set new standards with incredible 22,500 participants, more than anywhere else. And once again there were 16 running enthusiasts from the Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden among them!

© Frank Möller/PLID

After five kilometers on the running track it all was accomplished. The arms were torn up and selfies were made. On June 6, 2023, the time had finally come again. After a break of several years due to the Corona pandemic, 16 runners of the Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden (PLID) took part in the annual REWE Team Challenge for the fifth time. Together with other 22,500 runners, the four teams took the traditional route from the Altmarkt in Dresden to the Rudolf-Harbig Stadium.

In warm and humid temperatures, the PLID teams were once again able to achieve good results in the overall classification. The mixed team "Paul Runnerhans 4" finished with a total time of 1:46:23 on a good 489th place of 2495 started mixed teams. A short time later the "Paul Runnerhans 1" running team finished with a total time of 1:55:04 on a likewise excellent 1110th place. The teams "Paul Runnerhans 2" and "Paul Runnerhans 3" could be happy about the great places 1712 (2:03:029) and 2283 (2:21:01).

PLID runners were also able to achieve new best times in the individual rankings. In the women's competition Nicole "Speedy" Kipke achieved the fastest time of the PLID runners with 0:28:50 and reached place 2047 (out of a total of 7612) in the overall women's classification. Yanni "The Rabbit" Morgenroth crossed the finish line after 0:21:33 and reached the excellent place 873 (of a total of 12,784) of the overall ranking of the men.

© Frank Möller/PLID