InnoLife-consortium winning bid of Healthy Living and Active Ageing

InnoLife has been selected by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) as the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for EIT Health. With a total volume of EUR 2.1 billion it is one of the largest public funded initiatives for health worldwide. The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) will be involved as associate partner in the consortia.

Aim of the international consortia is the development of innovative products, education and services addressing the challenge of demographic change in Europe.

Among the partners of InnoLife are some of the most renowned European Universities and Research Centers as well as companies of the technological and pharmaceutical industry. The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) is an associated partner. DZD board member, Prof. Hrabé de Angelis points out: ”We are very happy to play an active part in InnoLife, because there is great potential in the cooperation with all the partners in this collective of knowledge and innovation and we are proud to bring our input into the field of Diabetes.”
To initiate and coordinate the numerous projects, the consortium partners will found a new company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Regional activities will be organized by Co-Location Centers in Heidelberg (Germany/Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), London (England), Paris (France), Rotterdam (The Netherlands/Belgium) and Stockholm (Sweden /Denmark).

After signing a framework contract with the EIT, EIT Health expects activities to start by the mid of 2015. The EIT will provide EIT Health with around EUR 80 million annually for the funding of new collaborations, education and projects.

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