DDH-M and DDF Cooperate on Certain Projects and Events

The two diabetes self-help associations DDH-M and DDF met on August 12, 2021 in Erfurt to discuss the intensification of further cooperation. In the process first joint projects were identified and concretely decided.

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At the DDG Autumn Conference on November 5/6 in Wiesbaden, the two associations will present themselves to conference participants for the first time with a joint booth.
On World Diabetes Day, the actions of the two associations at the locations in the respective federal states are based on a jointly developed concept.

"Good ideas are taken over federation-spreading. In the sense of the diabetes-afflicted ones we bundle unitedly our forces", Jörg Westheide (deputy chairman DDH-M) brings it on the point. "This also corresponds to the idea of empowerment, with which we carry existing competencies into our organizations and learn from each other," adds Matthias Nieft (Deputy Chairman DDF). Norbert Kuster (State Chairman and Managing Director DDH-M NRW) is looking forward to the implementation: "We are now tackling the projects concretely and have also already recorded an initial division of labor."

Dr. Klaus-D. Warz (Chairman of the Board DDF) points out that the cooperation is aimed at the work of self-help with those affected. "Our doors are wide open for further comrades-in-arms, even for the smallest self-help group."
To all involved the distinction is important to the activities of the Diabetiker Alliance (DA), the working group of the four large diabetes federations of the self-help (DDF, DDH-M, DDB and Diabetiker Federation Bavaria). In the Diabetiker Alliance the health-political topics are strengthened in the sense of an interest and a patient agency opposite politics, health insurance companies and other participants.
The follow-up meeting will take place on October 25, 2021 in Duisburg. Objective: To plan the next joint projects and events.