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The national diabetes information portal now offers much of its content in the sections “Preventing Diabetes” and “Living with Diabetes” in English, too.

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On the pages ”Preventing Diabetes” and “Living with Diabetes”, people with an elevated risk of developing diabetes or those who already have diabetes, as well as their relatives and those interested in the topic, can find information on type 1 and type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes in English.

Use in Everyday Practice
The English content on the national diabetes information portal is also suitable for use in the medical practice setting: either for direct communication with people with diabetes who speak English or to recommend the website to patients.

Visit the English-language site.

This section also contains a download area with practical infographics, diabetes emergency cards, and training plans.


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Diabetes: Prevention and Living with the Disease
On the English-language pages, provides background information on a wide array of topics related to diabetes. In the “Preventing Diabetes” section, those interested can find out more about what can be done to prevent diabetes, what factors increase the risk of diabetes, and how to motivate yourself to have a more balanced lifestyle. The “Living with Diabetes” section has information on the underlying causes of the disease, treatment, complications of diabetes, and daily life with diabetes.

The texts are scientifically validated, current, and unbiased. Findings from the fields of medicine and diabetes research are presented in an easily comprehensible manner. Our media library has videos with short, simple explanations of the important topics related to the disease. The section “Diabetes A-Z” provides succinct explanations of complex specialist terminology.

The national diabetes information portal, with its subportals Preventing Diabetes, Living with Diabetes, and Information for Diabetes Professionals is a joint project by Helmholtz Munich, the German Diabetes Center in Düsseldorf, and the German Center for Diabetes Research. The portal was established by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). Funding is provided by the BzgA, the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), and the Federal Ministry of Education and Health (BMBF).