DIfE Annual Report 2021-2022 Published

How do we eat in harmony with our inner clock? Which diet promotes healthy aging? And what influence did nutrition have on our well-being during the pandemic? The new annual report of the DZD partner German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke (DIfE) provides information in the proven magazine style about these and other selected research highlights as well as the diverse activities of the institute in 2021 and 2022.

In the "Everyday Questions" section, readers will find answers to various nutritional questions. © Susann Ruprecht/DIfE

The DIfE's current annual report is presented in a new format and with a lively layout. Richly illustrated and diversely designed, the 100-page report looks back on two eventful years and conveys a comprehensive picture of the diverse and interdisciplinary work of the institute.

Focus on three key topics
The report focuses on the three DIfE research foci in which the scientific groups present their highlights. A new feature of the report is the popular-science-style lead topics that introduce each research focus. They deal with the topics "Chrononutrition: Eating in harmony with the inner clock", "Healthy nutrition and exercise are not a question of age", and "The influence of nutrition on our well-being during the pandemic".

Modern research building enriches traditional site
Another main topic is the presentation of the Gerty Cori House, which was opened in September 2021. With the help of an infographic, readers will learn, among other things, how test persons experience a day of examination at the DIfE Human Study Center. Furthermore, the DIfE risk tests are used as an example to illustrate how the obtained study data are applied in practice.

In the chapter on promoting young scientists, two young and aspiring scientists report on their career paths and plans for the future. Finally, readers will gain insights into the celebrations of the DIfE's 30th anniversary and the chronicle of 75 years of nutrition research at the Potsdam-Rehbrücke site, which was published in 2022. The DIfE Executive Board's outlook on the upcoming tasks and challenges rounds off the reading.

Using clear graphics and generally understandable text, readers can follow a day of investigation at the Human Study Center. © Susann Ruprecht/DIfE

Variety makes you want to read
The annual report was created in collaboration with the Frankfurt-based design studio Synchronschwimmer. "With our annual report, we want to bring our research closer to all interested parties in a generally understandable and descriptive way," summarizes Dr. Ina Henkel, Head of Press and Public Relations at DIfE. The cover of the annual report arouses curiosity and encourages reading. Photos by Berlin-based photographer David Ausserhofer give the report an individual touch. In addition, readers will find answers to various questions about nutrition in the new "Everyday Questions" section, which is answered by DIfE senior scientists.

Idea of sustainability
The DIfE values the careful use of valuable resources. Therefore, only a limited number of copies of the annual report were printed.

The digital version is available to interested parties at