DZD Awards Presented to Young Diabetes Researchers

After the Training & Education Board of the DZD had selected the award winners for 2013 last spring, the young researchers received their awards personally at the annual meeting of the EASD in Vienna. The doctoral students had held lectures or given poster presentations at national or international conferences and had submitted an abstract describing their research to the Board.

The German Center for Diabetes Research grants ten awards annually that are endowed with 1000 euros each.
The awards are part of the Training & Education Program for young scientists of the partner institutes and were awarded last year for the second time.

The award winners are:

  • Maren Carstensen, Düsseldorf
  • Antonios Chatzigeorgiou, Dresden
  • Helena Chmelová, Dresden
  • Manuela Elsen, Düsseldorf
  • Chrysi Koliaki, Düsseldorf
  • Katarzyna Linder, Tübingen
  • Daniela Matzke, Potsdam
  • Kristin Mühlenbruch, Potsdam
  • Ramona Puff, München
  • Robert Schwenk, Potsdam

An overview of the topics of the prizewinning abstracts can be found here.