DZD Scientist in the Podcast 'O-Ton Diabetologie'

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rathmann of the DZD partner German Diabetes Center is the interview partner in the current episode of the German-language podcast series “O-Ton Diabetologie”. His topic is the epidemiology of diabetes, which he has been researching for about 25 years. The study on the relationship between diabetes and Covid-19 will also be discussed, as well as an outlook for the coming years on the expected prevalence of diabetes and what role environmental influences and social status play in it.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rathmann vom DDZ. © DDZ

In the episode entitled "Professor Wolfgang Rathmann provides data on the diabetes epidemic – and plays the blues", MedTriX editors Günter Nuber and Jochen Schlabing also present – as a personal touch – a small audio sample of Rathmann's musical activities in a blues band.

Link to the podcast