DZD Scientist Susanna Hofmann on ARD Wissen on Gender Medicine

For a long time, medical research, and therefore many therapies, did not address the differences between men and women. With sometimes fatal consequences for the gender that is ignored. ARD Wissen broadcast an report on this topic entitled "Only a 'small difference'? - The discovery of gender medicine". Prof. Dr. Susanna Hofmann from DZD partner Helmholtz Munich, who is researching "Women and Diabetes" with her working group, is also on the program.

Screenshot ARD Wissen from Feb 27, 2023 of the broadcast "Only a 'small difference'? - The discovery of gender medicine". © ARD Wissen, Das Erste

There are also differences between the sexes when it comes to metabolism and therefore diabetes, and not just in terms of the fact that the insulin requirements of women with diabetes are strongly linked to oestrogen levels. "Sex hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone not only play a role in reproduction. Receptors, or docking spots, can be found everywhere in the body in addition to the reproductive organs.  In the pancreas, heart, blood vessels and brain. The exact role they play there has only just begun to be researched," says the TV report.

Susanna Hofmann specializes in metabolic syndrome, obesity and the progression to diabetes. "One of the most important measures you can take is to become more physically active," explains the researcher. But why does weight loss through exercise work less well for women than for men? Are there biological or rather social reasons for this? What happens in the brain and in the fat cells of the muscles during exercise? And what role do special immune cells play in fat loss in women and men?
The DZD scientist presents research approaches that could become therapies to enable obese women to lose weight more effectively.

The broadcast was first aired on ARD on February 27, 2023 and repeated on ARD alpha on November 8.

Detailed information in the content of the broadcast (in German)

Link to the braodcast (Prof. Dr. Susanna Hofmann is on from min. 23:23)