DZD Special Edition of "Diabetes Aktuell" with a Focus on Translational Research

Current translational research is the main theme of the latest issue of the journal Diabetes aktuell. Für die Hausarztpraxis. Without exception, all the articles in this special theme issue were written by DZD scientists. The publishing house Thieme Verlag and the DZD have now also published this as a special edition.

The topics of the special edition are what role the brain and the liver play in the development of diabetes, how organs interact with one another (organ crosstalk), what effects an unhealthy diet has on the genome, and how current research results can be used for new therapeutic approaches. In addition, the DZD researchers present new approaches for the prevention of type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as an app for more exercise.

The special edition will soon be available for download in the media library (German only) and can then also be ordered as a print copy.