Health Research Tool Pool: a Portal for IT tools and information

Since March 2017, TMF’s Health Research Tool Pool has been bundling IT tools and information to build data infrastructures in medical research. The new portal provides centralized access to IT tools, support, and consulting services which were developed in the TMF, by other academic organizations or by commercial providers.

The Tool Pool is aimed at IT managers as well as researchers, research managers and employees of funding organizations. Various access options and consistent user navigation take into account the differing information requirements. In addition to information on related products, users also find information on how the tools have been used so far, as well as experience reports and comments of other users.

Open to everyone
Providers who have developed a solution and want to make it available to the community can propose their product for publication free of charge via an online form. The portal also offers all users the opportunity to publish an experience report for each product. This helps future users to decide whether the product is suitable for their needs.

From researchers for researchers
The portal is operated by the TMF – Technology, Methods and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research. The conception and operation of the Tool Pool are closely connected to the TMF working group IT Infrastructure and Quality Management (AG IT-QM). The content of the portal is based on the annual report of TMF's IT Review Board. Products included in the Health Research Tool Pool must meet certain criteria developed by the working group IT-QM and defined in a criteria catalogue.

Further information (in German)

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