Immune Cells Play a Role in Maintaining Metabolic Balance

Researchers at DZD partner Helmholtz Munich have discovered how regulatory T cells of the immune system, also known as Tregs, interact with and control metabolic tissues.

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The results offer important insights into the prevention and regulation of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. In particular, Tregs play a crucial role in maintaining metabolic balance and controlling tissue function. Research suggests that targeted approaches to influence these cells have the potential to develop precise immunotherapies for the treatment of metabolic diseases.

In a review article in 'Cell Metabolism', the researchers have now assembled the latest findings on the control of tissue function by Tregs and highlight the challenges and prospects of Treg-mediated control of metabolic elements.

Becker, M., Dirschl, S.M., Scherm, M., Serr, I., Daniel, C. Niche-specific control of tissue function by regulatory T cells – current challenges and perspectives for targeting metabolic disease. Cell Metabolism (2024),

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