Presentation of New Edition of “Wegweiser Diabetes” – Guide to Offerings for People with Diabetes

In North Rhine-Westphalia there are currently around one million people with type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it is likely that a large number of unreported cases exist. According to calculations by scientists of the German Diabetes Center (DDZ), a DZD partner, the number of affected people will continue to rise. The RIN Symposium 2020 on February 12, 2020 was attended by around 70 actors involved in the relevant areas of science, healthcare, industry, patient advocacy and public administration to discuss current developments and innovations in diabetes care and to develop joint ideas and concepts for the future.

Presentation of the new edition of the RIN diabetes guide by (from left): Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer-Falcke, commissioner for health of the state capital of Düsseldorf and patron of the RIN symposium, Dr. Olaf Spörkel, chairman of the board of RIN Diabetes and Prof. Dr. Michael Roden, scientific director of the DDZ. Source: DDZ

“RIN Diabetes provides a central platform that brings together actors in the Düsseldorf metropolitan area from the field of diabetes and bundles their expertise. With this network, the DDZ has a strong partner in informing people about local care offerings,” said Professor Michael Roden, scientific director and member of the board of the DDZ. Professor Andreas Meyer-Falcke, commissioner for health of the state capital of Düsseldorf and patron of the RIN Symposium, thanked the numerous participants “for their valuable contribution at the RIN Symposium and all people who support us every day in educating and disseminating information about diabetes.”

In keeping with this, the second edition of the free guide to offerings for people with diabetes “Wegweiser Diabetes” (in German) was presented at the beginning of the event. “In this brochure you can find a well-designed overview of more than 150 offerings for diabetes prevention, counseling and care by diabetologists,  exercise- and nutrition-counseling providers, self-help groups and other contacts,” said Dr. Olaf Spörkel, chairman of the board of RIN Diabetes and head of the National Diabetes Information Center at the DDZ. Also in the new edition, brief texts inform about the topic diabetes. Information about the importance of diabetes education and the need for regular monitoring of the numerous complications has been added.

For all who are interested, the brochure is available free of charge at the DDZ, at the Düsseldorf public health department and at the various partners of RIN Diabetes. Alternatively, a personal copy can be requested via e-mail at (

In addition to the brochure, the online diabetes guide ( allows the user to find relevant offers in the greater Düsseldorf area on the Internet. By means of an interactive search, a map of the area and filter functions – by search term, type of offering and language – more than 150 relevant prevention, counseling and care offerings can be easily retrieved via mobile devices or the PC.

The Regional Innovation Network (RIN) Diabetes generates new impulses in the prevention and care of diabetes mellitus at the local and regional levels. Together with RIN members and other people working in the field of diabetes, innovative ideas have been developed and implemented since the network was created in 2015. Initiated as an informal network sponsored by the state of NRW, since 2019 RIN Diabetes has been continuing its activities in the form of an association. The main focus of the association is on “information and education”  and “improvement of diabetes prevention and care” in the Düsseldorf area. Further information about the association can be found at: