Renowned Diabetes Experts and Young Researchers Exchange Ideas

At the 4th DZD Diabetes Research School in September more than 80 young scientists from all over the world informed themselves about the current status of diabetes research and presented their own results.

The DZD Diabetes Research School provides students and postdocs who work in the field of diabetes research with the opportunity to listen to lectures on special topics by internationally renowned scientists. At this year's event in Freising, six scientists from Europe and the USA gave the young researchers insights into their current work. The speakers were:

•    Francesco Beguinot (Federico II University of Naples, Italy)
Will epigenetics explain type 2 diabetes risk?
•    Christian Boitard (Paris Descartes University, France)
Type 1 diabetes: from immune biomarkers towards specific  immunotherapy
•    Michael Czech (University of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA, USA)
Gene editing and deletion to enhance insulin signaling and energy expenditure in type 2 diabetes and obesity
•    Vanisha Mistry (University of Cambridge, UK)
Genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms involved in human obesity
•    Ruth Gimeno (Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, IN, USA)
Diabetes Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities
•    Andrew Hattersley (University of Exeter, UK)
From base change to better care in diabetes
“The participants not only have the opportunity to listen to the lectures of the renowned diabetes experts, they can also discuss directly with them,” said Dr. Brigitte Fröhlich, the coordinator of the DZD Diabetes Research School, explaining the concept of the event. “Further aims of the research school are to create a framework for young researchers to exchange ideas across disciplines with their international colleagues and to build up a network.” Thus, the young scientists can take part in poster sessions to present their results to other participants and the diabetes experts.

Another special feature: The DZD Diabetes Research School always takes place in combination with major diabetes conferences such as the Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) or the Insulin Receptor Meeting. This year the young scientists were able to attend the EASD conference in Munich following the research school.
The concept of the DZD Diabetes Research School has proven to be successful. In September the event organized by the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) took place for the fourth time. The next DZD Diabetes Research School will take place in Nice in April 2017 in combination with the Insulin Receptor Meeting 2017.