SMS Primary School Children Experience Sensory Classroom

The initiative “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit." of the DZD partner German Diabetes Center Düsseldorf, together with the Präha Weber School, invited the participating children to a special lesson.

More and more children have motor deficits. Simple exercises such as walking backwards or hopping on one leg are difficult for many children. However, physical fitness is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Therefore, the SMS initiative, together with a further training course in motor activity therapy of the Präha Weber School, is offering Düsseldorf primary schools a “sensory classroom”. The children go through a sensory parcours with different stations to promote basic sensory perception and sensory learning. The primary school children have the opportunity to carry out gross and fine motor games in the sensory areas, which at the same time shall promote joy in movement and train the senses. For example, the ride on a roller board through a sensual-colorful car wash street is especially popular. “With our offer, we especially want to convey that you can inspire children for movement even in the smallest space,” said Susanne Schwalbe, principal of the Weber School. “The children can do many of the exercises at home without much time and effort,” added project leader Prof. Dr. Karsten Müssig.

Primary school children and teachers of St. Michael’s School with Michaela Deuper and other motor activity therapists of the Präha Weber School and project leader Prof. Dr. Karsten Müssig and project coordinator Guido Schenuit. Source: SMS

The initiative “SMS. Be smart. Join in. Be fit." led by Professor Müssig shall make children in Düsseldorf primary schools more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and more exercise. In the “aid” nutrition pilot license program, the children learn how to handle food and kitchen equipment in cooperation with the Educational Center for Dietary Assistants of the Kaiserswerther Diakonie and take part in the exercise program for primary schools “Fitness for Kids” developed by sports scientist Prof. Dr. Kerstin Ketelhut. The two health insurance companies IKK classic and KKH, the organization diabetesDE - German Diabetes Aid, the Sports Department of Düsseldorf and other renowned partners and prominent people support the project and provide the participating school children with additional attractive venues for learning outside of school. The patron of the initiative is Thomas Geisel, mayor of the state capital Düsseldorf. 
More information about the initiative can be found at: (German only)