'Tonspur Wissen': How Dangerous is Diabetes?

In a podcast from 'Tonspur Wissen' ('soundtrack knowledge'), DZD board member Prof. Dr. Michael Roden from the German Diabetes Center explains the latest developments in diabetes research and what effects these already have or will have in the future for affected people.

Prof. Dr. Michael Roden. © DZD


Tonspur Wissen is a joint production of the Rheinische Post and the Leibniz Association. Host Ursula Weidenfeld talks to Prof. Roden about the question: How dangerous is diabetes and what can be done?

An unhealthy lifestyle can promote type 2 diabetes. How this can be prevented by knowing about prediabetes, what personalized therapy for type 2 diabetes can do in the future, and which drugs can help reduce obesity are just some of the topics addressed.

Link to the podcast (in German)