TV Program “RBB Praxis” with DZD Scientists: Diabetes – Is a Cure Possible?

Professor Annette Schürmann, Dr. Stefan Kabisch and Dr. Gisela Olias of the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke, a DZD partner, were featured in the TV program “RBB Praxis” of Radio Berlin Brandenburg on May 31,2017.

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RBB describes the program as follows: “Millions of people in Germany suffer from type 2 diabetes. And they really suffer. Elevated blood glucose levels over a long period of time almost always lead to diabetes complications, adversely affecting the eyes, heart, kidneys, feet and even sexual function. Diabetes was long considered to be incurable. It is now known that even long-time diabetics may have the chance to conquer the disease. This requires iron discipline. RBB Praxis has accompanied people who have chosen to pursue these new approaches.”

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