Updated CU List from VDBD and Expanded with Modern Foods

The national diabetes information portal and the Association of Diabetes Counseling and Training Professions in Germany (VDBD) have published an updated list of carbohydrate units (CU). This now provides a comprehensive overview of various foods and their carbohydrate content.

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The list contains information on baked goods, potato and cereal products, fruit and juices, dairy products, sweets and much more. There are also new entries for pasta made from pulses, convenience food such as a hamburger from McDonald's or a Margherita pizza, for sushi or well-known types of ice cream.

The KE table is helpful for people with diabetes who inject insulin. This is because in order to be able to calculate the appropriate amount of insulin, an estimate of the carbohydrate units contained in the meal must be made.  People who generally want to eat fewer carbohydrates, for example during treatment for gestational diabetes or prediabetes, can use the list to better compare the carbohydrate content of individual foods.

As a general rule, the carbohydrate content is described using carbohydrate units. The abbreviation for carbohydrate units is CU (in German: KE). 1 CU corresponds to 10 grams of carbohydrates.

The KE-list for download on (in German)


Further information on nutrition
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