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Helmholtz Zentrum München


As German Research Center for Environmental Health, HelmholtzZentrum München (HMGU) seeks to further the development of prevention and therapy strategies for diabetes mellitus – with a special focus on personalized medicine. The Helmholtz Diabetes Center understands diabetes to be a complex, systemic disease in which both genetic and environmental factors – in particular lifestyle – interact. Here basic research and clinical research are intertwined in close interdisciplinary cooperation with the Munich universities.

Institutes and associated groups

  • Institute of Diabetes Research: Prof. Dr. Ziegler, Dr. Achenbach
  • Institute of Diabetes and Obesity: Prof. Dr. Tschöp, Dr. Pfluger
  • Institute of Diabetes and Cancer: Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig
  • Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research: Prof. Dr. Lickert, Dr. Burtscher
  • Institute of Experimental Genetics: Prof. Hrabě de Angelis, PD Dr. Beckers, Dr. Teperino
  • Institute of Computational Biology: Prof. Fabian Theis, Dr. Michael Menden (DZD-Core Unit Computational Biology)
  • Clinical Cooperation Group Nutrigenomics und Typ-2-Diabetes mellitus, TUM: Prof. Dr. Hans Hauner
  • Clinical Cooperation Group Prediction and Subclassification of Typ-2-Diabetes mellitus, LMU: Prof. Dr. Seissler
  • Institute of Epidemiology I: Dr. Joachim Heinrich (acting)
  • Institute of Epidemiology II: Prof. Dr. Peters
  • Research Unit  Molecular Epidemiology: Prof. Peters (acting), Dr. Grallert, Dr. Wang-Sattler
  • Institute of Genetic Epidemiology: Prof. Strauch
  • Institut of Health Economics and Health Care Management: Prof. Dr. Leidl, Prof. Dr. Holle
  • Genom Analysis Center: Prof. Dr. Adamski
  • Institute of Human Genetics: Prof. Dr. Meitinger, Dr. Strom
  • Research Unit Analytical BioGeoChemistry: Prof. Dr. Schmitt-Kopplin


Contribution to the DZD research program

  • Establishment and characterization of relevant mouse models
  • Development of a vaccine strategy for type 1 diabetics
  • Identification of early predictive metabolic markers, personalized type 2 diabetes risk prognosis
  • Differentiation of embryonic stem cells into insulin-secreting cells
  • Drug development
  • Computational Biology
  • Participation in the clinical studies of the DZD
  • KORA-Cohort


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Martin Hrabě de Angelis

Director of the Institute of Experimental Genetics
Helmholtz Zentrum München


Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health
Ingolstädter Landstrasse 1
85764 Neuherberg

+49 (0)89 3187 3302


To find out more, listen to the podcast (German only) with Professor Hrabĕ de Angelis discussing important aspects of research conducted in the DZD.