Advanced training in mass spectrometry

The DZD partner Deutsches Diabetes-Zentrum Düsseldorf will again offer a mass spectrometry course in 2018. The 10th annual Protein Rainbow Workshop will be a hands-on course introducing state-of-the-art mass spectrometry applications. Today, MS approaches are utilized in countless studies from various scientific fields, covering the whole spectrum from agricultural to biomedicine research.

The course will be organized together with ThermoFisher Scientific and Biognosys and covers theoretical and practical aspects of complex MS workflows. With a special focus on sample preparation (protein digest, TMT labelling) and data analysis (ProteomDiscoverer, Pulsar), we will address quantitative proteomic workflows using data dependent acquisition (DDA) as well as data independent acquisition (DIA) methods. Quantitative proteomic profiling utilizing TMT-labelling will be introduced next to label-free quantification by DIA.
The course will last five days and target early stage researchers from laboratories around Europe.
In order to provide effective practical training, the course will be restricted to 12 attendees. Participants are encouraged to bring their own samples (two!) for analysis (detailed information will follow after registration). Lodging is arranged in Hotel “Auszeit”, which is located next door to the Institute.
All matters of this training school are an inherent part of the DDZ proteomics group including many years of experience in arranging international training courses (e.g. COST). The workshop is part of the DZD training and education program.

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