Direct Exchange of Researchers and Patients

The event DZD meets #dedoc had a successful premiere at the EASD annual conference in Berlin. Young scientists and patients talked to each other about each other's concerns in a direct exchange. The event was organized by the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD), diabetesDE and the German Diabetes Society (DDG). The expert moderator was Bastian Hauck, blogger and type 1 diabetes patient.

Dr. Stefan Kabisch (center) spoke with a cooking enthusiastic patient about about nutrition. Right: presenter Bastian Hauck. Source: DZD/Till Budde

Among the fundamental questions, "What drives young researchers? What do people with diabetes hope for from science?" DZD researchers and patients gave very personal insights into their professional and private everyday lives. Not only the invited guests, but also random passers-by in the Associations' Village of the EASD listened with interest.

The topics ranged from type 1 and type 2 diabetes, lifestyle and nutrition to the desire to have children and aging with diabetes.

More information on the young experts and their topics can be found here.