DZD Scientist Receives the 2021 Research Award from Heinz Bürger-Büsing Foundation

Prof. Carolin Daniel from the DZD partner Helmholtz Zentrum München is the winner of the 2021 Research Prize of the Heinz Bürger-Büsing Foundation for the research and treatment of Diabetes mellitus. The prize was awarded for the 27th time and is endowed with a sum of 8,000 Euros. The award ceremony took place during the annual meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diabetologie & Endokrinologie Rheinland Pfalz e. V. (ADE).

Prof. Carolin Daniel. Source: Helmholtz Zentrum München

The research award of the Heinz Bürger-Büsing Foundation recognizes years of dedication and pioneering work in the fields of clinical or experimental diabetes research aimed at improving the treatment and quality of life of people with diabetes. Carolin Daniel receives the award in recognition for her research into the mechanisms of immune tolerance in type 1 diabetes at an early age.