DZD with the Leading Theme "News from Diabetes Research" in "The Diabetologist"

The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) presents current results from diabetes research in the new issue of the journal "Der Diabetologe". Experts from the DZD provide an overview of diabetes subtypes, intermittent fasting, the influence of maternal metabolism on fetal development, preventive approaches to type 1 diabetes as well as transplantation and artificial pancreas. The new national diabetes information portal will also be presented.

Der Diabetologe 7/2020. Source: Springer Medizin

The most important goal of the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) is to show new ways for precise diabetes prevention and therapy. Current research results from the DZD and other international diabetes research groups show that we have taken a big step towards this goal. In the current issue of the German journal "Der Diabetologe" the DZD presents some research results:

Neues aus der Diabetesforschung
Dr. A. Glaser, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. M. Hrabě de Angelis

Das neue nationale Diabetesinformationsportal
B. Brandt, A. Glaser, O. Spörkel, U. Koller

Diabetesclusters: Diabetessubgruppen und Folgeerkrankungen
Oana Patricia Zaharia, Prof. Dr. Michael Roden

Intermittierendes Fasten – Was gibt es Neues aus der Wissenschaft?
Dr. Mandy Stadion, Prof. Dr. Annette Schürmann

Materner Metabolismus und fetale Entwicklung
Dr. Franziska Schleger, Dr. Louise Fritsche, Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Birkenfeld, Prof. Dr. med. Martin Heni, Prof. Dr. Hubert Preissl, Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Fritsche

Typ-1-Diabetes: Früherkennung und Ansätze zur Prävention
Benjamin A. Marcus, PD Dr. Peter Achenbach, Prof. Dr. Anette-Gabriele Ziegler

Transplantation und künstliches Pankreas
Prof. Dr. med. Barbara Ludwig, Prof. Dr. Eckhard Wolf