How Surveillance Contributes to the Protection of Public Health

The National Diabetes Surveillance at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) compiles data on diabetes incidence and prevalence in Germany – from the RKI health monitoring database among other data sources – and prepares these data for policymakers in government, research and the public health care system. The RKI has summarized how this is done and why this is important in an explainer video.

The RKI video explains the importance of diabetes surveillance in an easy-to-understand way. Source: RKI

Based on these data, decisions on preventive measures for people at risk for diabetes and measures for the care of people with diabetes shall be better founded.
In a second project phase, funded by the Federal Ministry of Health, a continuation of the diabetes surveillance as part of a surveillance of non-communicable diseases (NCD surveillance) is to be initiated from 2022 onwards.

Link to the explainer video