„Milestones of Modern Diabetology" - for People with Diabetes

For the first time in four years, an analog patient event will be held during World Diabetes Day month in November. diabetesDE - Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe is organizing "Milestones in Modern Diabetology," a major event for people with diabetes and their families. Representatives of the DZD and will also be present. The main topic this year: the first insulin pumps.

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A varied stage program, scientific lectures and a large exhibiton area await all interested parties on November 5, 2023, starting at 11:30 a.m. in Berlin at the location of the Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, Französische Straße 33, near Berlin-Gendarmenmarkt. Admission is free of charge. The event will be moderated by Sibylle Seitz (rbb) and Prof. Thomas Haak, MD.

"Before the Corona crisis, we always held an analog patient event on World Diabetes Day. In recent years, however, this has been replaced by the now very successful digital format Nevertheless, we know that there is a great need for a face-to-face event and we want to meet this demand," says Nicole Mattig-Fabian, Managing Director of diabetesDE - Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe, explaining the new event series. Particularly in the case of type 1 diabetes, she says, technical developments in the field of insulin pumps and AID systems (automatic insulin dosing) are so rapid that an information event with free admission is a welcome further education for people with type 1 diabetes.

Exhibitions, lectures, poetry slam and panel discussion
Also the national diabetes information portal will be represented with an exhibition booth. In the program on the main stage, visitors can expect presentations on topics such as "Sex, Sport & Vacation - The Pump in Special Situations", "Looper DIY", "Pump Therapy in Older Age", "Warning Signs of Diabetes in Childhood" or a "Diabetes Poetry Slam". Among the scientific presentations - "How it all began?", "Further development: The technical evolution of the pump", "Individualization of therapy in people with type 1", "Insulins and pump" - DZD board member Prof. Dr. Martin Hrabé de Angelis will also speak about "Translational research topics: Inceptor, prevention T1D, new drugs".
A concluding panel discussion on "AID systems for everyone with type 1 diabetes" completes the high quality of the program. Experts, including researchers from all over Germany, come together especially for this event to provide patient-oriented up-to-date knowledge from research and technology.

"We hope that as many interested people as possible from all over Germany will make their way to Berlin, because this diverse range of programs is unique," says Mattig-Fabian. Media partner is among others the Kirchheim publishing house with its objects Diabetes Journal and Blood Sugar Lounge.

Background information
Just 100 years ago, type 1 diabetes was a fatal disease. In 1921, there was finally hope thanks to groundbreaking achievements: Insulin was isolated for the first time, a true milestone in medical history. In the years that followed, therapy made rapid progress. Tools for insulin administration evolved from the first syringe developed specifically for insulin injections to "auto-injectors" to pens and insulin pumps, both of which became available for general use from the 1980s.
Glucose measurement, initially only possible at the doctor's office, was simplified by urine glucose and blood glucose strips, although regular blood glucose self-measurement at home also did not become a reality until the 1980s. Current developments offer AID (automatic insulin dosing) systems, in which an algorithm based on glucose values from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) controls the pump's insulin dosage. And research and industry continue to work on enabling people with diabetes to live a better life with a better quality of life thanks to technical achievements.

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