Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany awarded to Prof. Stefan R. Bornstein

With this award, the Federal Government honored his scientific and social commitment to the community.
Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland an DZD-Wissenschaftler Prof. Stefan R. Bornstein verliehen

Prof. Stefan Bornstein with his Order of Merit. Source: Nitzan Bizinski

"The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany is perhaps the highest official recognition could have received for my work. At the same time, it is a symbol that it is right to commit oneself to society and to people," says Prof Bornstein, director of the Medical Clinic and Polyclinic III of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus at the TU Dresden, research group leader at Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden and researcher at the DZD.

In recent years, Prof. Stefan Bornstein has successfully opposed the political trend and built bridges between the TU Dresden and King's College in London. This is how the "Transcampus" was created - which not only connects the two institutions, but is also a pool of ideas. "I think it is our task as scientists to oppose the general trend towards separation. All science nowadays merely works because we have learned to think outside the box. Today you will not be able to launch an innovation on your own. You rely on the experience of your colleagues, on networks and on cooperation."

DZD-Researcher Stefan Bornstein has published almost 600 scientific articles in recent years. Bornstein's scientific focus is on the further development of islet cell transplantation as a therapy for diabetes, stem cell research and research into the adrenal gland as a stress organ. He is a member of the Review Board of the German Research Foundation and a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

In particular for his scientific and social commitment, Prof. Stefan Bornstein now received the Federal Order of Merit. Thus, his merits with regard to a patient-oriented diabetes therapy as well as his international activities were honored.