Stress and Type 2 Diabetes: Latest Research Results Presented

At the 2015 annual meeting of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) in Nuremberg in July, the symposium “New Insights into Stress Regulation and Stress Related Risk Factors for Incident Type 2” took place under the direction of Professor Kruse (Giessen) and Professor Ladwig (Munich).

At the symposium, DZD scientists also presented their latest research results on incident diabetes risk: on the association with an increasing number of different stress conditions (Dr. Jens Baumert), on the association with fewer social contacts (Dr. Karoline Lukaschek), and on the relationship of elevated cortisol levels and diabetes in elderly subjects (Hamimatunnisa Johar, all from the DZD partner Helmholtz Zentrum München).

In addition, there were two overview lectures on the association between being overweight and glucose regulation with respect to stress (Professor Petra Wirtz, University of Konstanz) and on the effects of stress, neurotrophins and neuropeptides on the pathogenesis and progression of type 2 diabetes (PD Dr. Eva Peters, University of Giessen).
The symposium was well received by the participants and was accompanied by lively discussions. Valuable suggestions were made regarding further research projects in the field of “stress regulation in type 2 diabetes”.