In its "Thesencheck" (Theses Check) video series, the University of Tübingen has now taken up the topic of obesity. The treatment of severely overweight individuals with the active ingredient semaglutide is currently a much-discussed topic. In the video, DZD speaker Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld, Medical Director of the Clinic for Diabetology, Endocrinology and Nephrology at the University Hospital of Tübingen, provides facts and background information in order to deal more objectively with theses and prejudices about obesity and its medication.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld. © Screenshot You Tube (

Birkenfeld is a diabetologist and endocrinologist whose daily work focuses on the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes. He also conducts research on obesity and how it can be treated better and more long-term.

In this context, he has participated in studies on semaglutide, the substance that has recently been launched in Germany in the form of the so-called "weight loss injection" for people with obesity under the drug name Wegovy. For people with type 2 diabetes, it has been available in lower doses under the name Ozempic for somewhat longer.

Here you find the video on You Tube, that is which is divided into the following sections or theses (in German):


00:00 - Intro: Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld stellt sich vor
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld introduces himself

01:06 - These 1: Wer zu dick ist, soll einfach weniger essen.
Thesis 1: If you're too fat, just eat less.

10:33 - These 2: Adipositas ist nicht behandelbar.
Thesis 2: Obesity is not treatable.

12:47 - These 3: In Deutschland werden die Probleme, die mit Adipositas verbunden sind, kleingeredet.
Thesis 3: In Germany, the problems associated with obesity are talked down.

15:47 - These 4: Adipositas ist eine Sucht.
Thesis 4: Obesity is an addiction.

19:06 - These 5: Dicke mögen keinen Sport.
Thesis 5: Fat people don't like sports.

21:16 - These 6: Eine Magenverkleinerung ist nach wie vor die beste Therapie gegen Adipositas.
Thesis 6: Stomach reduction is still the best therapy against obesity.

23:34 - These 7: Durch die Abnehmspritze #wegovy  ist Adipositas Vergangenheit.
Thesis 7: Weight loss injection #wegovy makes obesity a thing of the past.

25:00 - These 8: Die Abnehmspritze ist ein Lifestyle-Produkt von Promis und nimmt Diabetikern ein wichtiges Medikament weg.
Thesis 8: The weight loss injection is a lifestyle product of celebrities and takes away an important medication from diabetics.

26:56 - These 9: Die Abnehmspritze ist so teuer, dass sich damit Adipositas nicht sinnvoll behandeln lässt.
Thesis 9: The weight loss injection is so expensive that it cannot be used to treat obesity in a reasonable way.

29:04 - These 10: #semaglutide erhöht das Risiko für Schilddrüsenkrebs.
Thesis 10: #semaglutide increases the risk of thyroid cancer.