Düsseldorf, 21.05.2019

Diabetes Congress 2019: “Diabetes – Not Only a Question of Type”

Under the motto "Diabetes Not Only a Question of Type", the latest developments in diabetes research and treatment will be discussed at the Diabetes Congress 2019, which will take place from May 29th to June 1st, 2019 in Berlin. Each year, the Diabetes Congress attracts around 7,000 physicians working in hospitals or medical practices as well as researchers, health professionals and other interested persons. The congress president of this year's annual meeting of the German Diabetes Society (DDG)  the Diabetes Congress 2019 is Professor Michael Roden, chairman of the board and scientific director of the German Diabetes Center (DDZ).

Diabetes classification, remission and gender-related aspects will be the focus areas of the Diabetes Congress 2019 (https://diabeteskongress.de/). "The current endeavors to create a new grouping of the known types of diabetes into several subphenotypes may offer the opportunity for more differentiated therapy and prevention," said Professor Michael Roden, chairman of the board and director of the German Diabetes Center. At a symposium at the Diabetes Congress, researchers and clinical experts  will discuss the latest studies on subphenotypes. Results of the German Diabetes Study show: By means of simple clinical parameters, patient groups with a particularly high risk of early manifestation of nerve damage or the progression of fatty liver disease can be identified soon after diabetes has been diagnosed. "The early detection of patient groups with a particularly high risk of a specific secondary disease may point the way to targeted diabetes therapy in the sense of precision medicine," said  Roden, who is president of this year’s  DDG Congress.

In day-to-day clinical practice, doctors in diabetes care are confronted with the fact that men and women have different needs. Gender differences account for a great variance in terms of risk factors and complications, and the Diabetes Congress 2019 will be devoted to this subject. "Complications and comorbidities should also be considered in a gender-sensitive way," said Roden. Another focus of the congress will be the interaction of the environment, psychosocial factors and quality of life. The focus here will be on the role of psychosocial stress factors or environmental pollution such as particulate matter in the individual risk of diabetes and its complications. Furthermore, approaches to social solutions shall be discussed which can only be developed through intensive communication between physicians, researchers, professional societies and policymakers.

For the 54th time, the German Diabetes Society (DDG) is organizing the Diabetes Congress. Over three and a half days, experts from research, practice and science will use the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues, health policy decision makers and pharmaceutical representatives in symposia, workshops, poster presentations and free lectures and to receive further training on special topics.

Diabetes Congress 2019: May 29 –  June 1, 2019

Congress Venue
CityCube Berlin, Messedamm 26, 14055 Berlin, www.citycube-berlin.de

Main topics of the Diabetes Congress 2019

  • New diabetes classification – relevance for diagnosis and therapy?
  • Diabetes: From prevention to remission
  • Management of complications / comorbidities
  • Gender and diabetes
  • Environment, psychosocial stress and quality of life – challenges for society and policymakers

Link: https://diabeteskongress.de/


The German Diabetes Center (DDZ) serves as the German reference center for diabetes. Its objective is to contribute to the improvement of prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus. At the same time, the research center aims at improving the epidemiological data situation in Germany. The DDZ coordinates the multicenter German Diabetes Study and is a point of contact for all players in the health sector. In addition, it prepares scientific information on diabetes mellitus and makes it available to the public. The DDZ is part of the Leibniz Association (Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, WGL) and is a partner of the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD e.V.).

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