Neuherberg, 09.11.2020

Knowledge about Diabetes Keeps You Healthy – Expansion of the National Diabetes Information Portal Goes into the Second Round

A good six months after the launch of the national diabetes information portal, many thousands of people are already using the scientifically based offering on diabetes and diabetes prevention every month. The portal has now been expanded to include additional content that will go live before World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2020: Essential content from the areas of diabetes prevention and living with diabetes is now also offered in Turkish. Thus, provides new access to health-related information to one of the largest population groups with a migrant background in Germany. Offerings in other languages are in preparation.

In addition, a new sub-portal has been set up with practical information for diabetes counselors, which provides support for daily counseling work. Here, important content on nutrition, exercise, diabetes in different phases of life or other cultures is summarized briefly and concisely. Presentation templates make it easier for the counselors to prepare their own presentations; information about specialists, specialist clinics, nutritional advice, self-help groups and other contact points in Germany promote networking among the professional group. Podcasts on the topics of motivation or nutrition provide the specialist groups with additional expert knowledge. In addition, the portal provides current research news and information about further training opportunities and seminars. 

"The goal of our research is a world without diabetes. To achieve this, patient care, prevention and research must go hand in hand,“ said Professor Matthias Tschöp, scientific director of Helmholtz Zentrum München. “As one of the world's largest diabetes research centers, we have a commitment to society to help people with diabetes cope with their disease and take responsibility for their own health. The diabinfo portal is an important communication tool in this endeavor.”

“Our aim is to adapt the prevention and care for diabetes to the individual needs of those affected, their family members, but also all those interested,” said Professor Michael Roden, scientific director of the German Diabetes Center (DDZ) and board member of the German Center for Diabetes Research.  This not only requires state-of-the-art clinical research, to which we at the DDZ are committed, but also targeted information with new formats such as the diabinfo portal, which will further facilitate communication in society about diabetes."

"In the next step, we will also provide specialist offers for physicians in the specialist group portal and will include the latest results from research," said Professor Martin Hrabě de Angelis, member of the board and spokesperson of the German Center for Diabetes Research, in which basic scientists, clinicians and epidemiologists across Germany work to decipher the development of diabetes and develop new personalized prevention and therapy concepts.

The national information portal offers up-to-date, scientifically verified knowledge on the causes and risk factors of the various forms of diabetes and on the prevention of diabetes. Upon the initiative of the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), the new information portal was developed by the leading centers of diabetes research in Germany – Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Diabetes Center (DDZ) and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) - and went live in February 2020.

In addition to basic knowledge, current news, background articles and frequently asked questions, the online portal contains explain videos, podcasts, infographics and quizzes. With the support of the Helmholtz Association, teaching materials are also offered, which diabetes educators can download free of charge from Furthermore, people with diabetes, family members and other interested people are given the opportunity to ask personal questions. These are answered individually by experts.

Save the Date:
Saturday, February 6, 2021 – First digital Diabetes Patients‘ Day

Organizers: Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Diabetes Center, German Center for Diabetes Research
Information about the program and registration will follow shortly.

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