DZD Diabetes Research School in Nice, France, April 19-22, 2017

The 5th DZD Diabetes Research School took place in Nice, France, in connection with the International Symposium on Insulin Receptor and Insulin Action (IR2017). Accepted applicants are automatically  registered for IR2017 and may apply for a poster presentation there.


The School's speakers list included renowned diabetes scientists whogave exiting insights of the current translational diabetes research.

German-French Diabetes Symposium
(Organized by: Ch. Boitard, E. Van Obberghen, H. Häring, M. Hrabé de Angelis)

  • Patrick Collombat, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
    Induction of pancreatic beta-cell neogenesis
  • Agnès Lehuen, University of Paris V, France
    Mait cells at the crossroad of microbiota, inflammation and diabetes
  • Philippe Froguel, University of Lille, France and Imperial College, London, UK
    (Epi)genetics of Insulin Resistance

Translating Science to Clinics

  • Henning Beck-Nielsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Treatment of type 2 diabetes based on pathophysiology
  • Hans-Jürgen Wörle, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany
    Empa Drug Development; past, present and future and its implications for future drug development

Future Concepts for Diabetes Therapy

  • Ron Kahn, Harvard Medical School, USA
    Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Insulin Receptor Signaling
  • Stephen O'Rahilly, University of Cambridge, UK
    Human metabolic disease, lessons from genetics

Special Lecture

  • Jeffrey Flier, Harvard Medical School, USA
    Irreproducibility of bioscience research: diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapy

The School will be chaired by members of the DZD executive board.

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Facts at a glance

April 19-22, 2017

DRS17: April 19, 2017
IR2017: April 20-22, 2017
Arrival of participants: April 18, 2017
Departure: April 23, 2017

Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, Nice


PhD- and medical students as well as postdocs up to 35 years of age

Registration includes free participation at DRS17 and IR2017 as well as free accommodation in double rooms (April 18-23).


Notification of your acceptance:
January 17, 2017

Social program: 

Katrin Weber

phone: +49 89 3187 4718