XIIth International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action

The XIIth Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action Symposium: New Opportunities for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes in the XXI Century will be held at the Auditori of “La Pedrera”, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
The conference will begin at 8 a.m. on Thursday November 7th and end at 2 p.m. on Saturday November 9th, 2013.
The symposium will offer keynote lectures, 13 sessions with plenary lectures and oral presentations and poster sessions. The social program will provide ample opportunity for informal interactions.



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Major Topics:
• Adipose tissue and insulin resistance
• Insulin action in peripheral tissues
• Mitochondrial function and insulin action
• Islet cells and Insulin action
• Epigenetic control of metabolism
• Diabetes and cancer
• Gut microbiome and its impact on metabolism
• High throughput mouse phenotyping: Discovery of new diabetogenic genes
• Future strategies for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes


Confirmed speakers:
Domenico Accili (USA)
Francesco Beguinot (Italy)
Steve Brown (UK)
Rémy Burcelin (France)
Barbara Cannon (Sweden)
Marc Donath (Switzerland)
Jorge Ferrer (Spain/UK)
Laurie Goodyear (USA)
Hans Häring (Germany)
Gökhan Hotamisligil (USA)
Martin Hrabé de Angelis (Germany)
Takashi Kadowaki (Japan)
Barbara B. Kahn (USA)
Ronald Kahn (USA)
Rohit Kulkarni (USA)
Eckard Lammert (Germany)
Sreekumaran Nair (USA)
Oluf Pedersen (Denmark)
Michael Pollak (Canada)
Michael Roden (Germany)
Ulf Smith (Sweden)
Bernard Thorens (Switzerland)
Matthias Tschöp (Germany)
Emmanuel VanObberghen (France)
Toni Vidal-Puig (UK)
Morris White (USA)
Juleen Zierath (Sweden)

Local Organizing Committee:
Fatima Bosch, Chair IR2013
Manuel Benito
Ivet Elias
Sylvie Franckhauser
Ramon Gomis
Virginia Haurigot
Anna Novials
Efren Riu